Food In Seduction

I’m finishing up editing on Crash Into Me so the ARCs can go out on Monday, and today I’ll be fine tuning a scene where Tristan feeds Nina some of her favorite foods. For me, the idea of a gorgeous man feeding me is incredibly sexy.

The first time I had this happen to me was at my junior prom. No kidding. My date was my boyfriend Rich, a relatively quiet guy I’d been dating for about two months. I was crazy about him but we hadn’t had sex yet, so I was anticipating prom night as our “first time.” We were seated with three other couples at a table and after we’d done the prom picture thing, we were served a fruit appetizer. As the other three couples dove in, Rich took the spoon out of my hand and placed it on the table. Before I could say a thing, he fed me a piece of pineapple, all the while staring into my eyes with the hottest look I’d ever seen on another person (I was young, but it was hot).

The other girls at the table all turned to their boyfriends and began complaining about why they hadn’t done anything like that as Rich proceeded to silently feed me my entire appetizer. It was the most romantic, sexiest thing I had ever experienced and still rivals much of what adult men have shown me in the years since. I still to this day have no idea how he thought to do it since he was nearly as innocent as I was and never showed himself to be particularly adept at seduction before (he was 17, so we’ll give him a break on that LOL).

I’ve been fed again a few times with different boyfriends and it’s always really sexy, but I still remember that first time with that shy teenage boy. Rich and I broke up a few weeks after prom, but he gave me a great memory I’ll be thinking of later today as I edit Tristan and Nina’s dinner scene.

Have you ever had someone feed you or have you ever fed someone as you seduced them? It’s definitely something I say a man or woman should have in their seduction repertoire. 😉

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julie beasley says July 24, 2013

i honestly cant remember my husband feeding me. but we have shared food where hed have a bite then i would, not romantic but lots of fun at the time. Cant wait to see what Tristans feeds her

lagina reese says July 25, 2013

WOW! How lucky you are to have that memory. I cant remember if any boyfriend has ever done that for me or not. I know I havent done that for any of them. Cant wait to see what kind of foods Tristan feeds to Nina.

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