What Is Sexy?

There are certain things that are always sexy.

Power. Confidence. Intelligence. A great body. A deep voice whispering in your ear what he wishes you two were doing while you’re standing in a crowd. A look from across a room that lets you know you’re all he’s thinking of. His hand on the small of your back as you walk with him.

As I write, I look to construct vignettes to show those sexy moments–scenes that powerfully show my characters’ feelings toward one another. The vignettes are those parts of the story that readers always remember and refer to when they’re talking to me about my stories. That’s how I know they’re doing what I intend them to.

I’ll be showcasing excerpts from some of the vignettes in Crash Into Me in the coming weeks as the release date gets closer, so look for some sexy coming soon. For now, enjoy the pics (especially the last one, one of the inspirations for Tristan Stone from Crash Into Me, complete with tattoo on his left arm).

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lagina reese says July 17, 2013

I love when pictures are posted with quotes from a book it helps with the movies that’s playing in my head. I know this guy…that when he talks normal its all good..no big deal. But when he tries to talk low his voice goes really really deep and I get feelings on places that I shouldn’t be getting. But I LIKE it!! 😉

Elizabeth H. says July 17, 2013

Yummy pictures! What’s sexy to me is a man who is kind, loyal, faithful, and honorable. The outside packaging is nice to look at, but without these traits, it’s hard to call a man sexy.

km scott says July 17, 2013

I agree with both of you. 🙂 Elizabeth, I think far too often in romance books, the idea of the inside is left behind. Honorable is very sexy, especially when it’s part of a man who has other great traits. But there is something about the sexy rogue who has the good heart. Thanks for stopping by!

julie beasley says July 17, 2013

i love big shoulders and longish hair, but i think to be picked up and swept off your feet and carried off, really does it for me. i liked your pics, i love visuals, thats why i like book trailer too.

Unknown says July 17, 2013

Hey I can’t fault you for posting sexy pics or talking about the buildup to great sex or love scenes. It’s something romance readers love as you stated, and I love creating as an author. Good post 🙂

Katrina Whittaker says July 20, 2013

Pictures say 1000 words sometimes and visuals are always great !!!! Yummy pics

km scott says July 20, 2013

Thanks for stopping by! The last one is the pic of my muse for this book. Yummy!

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