FAQ About The Club X Series

I’ve been busy in edits with Temptation and writing Surrender, but readers have been asking me about the Club X series, so I thought I’d do an FAQ about the books. If I don’t answer your question here, feel free to comment and I’ll answer it if I can.

So here goes!

What’s the order of the books in the series?

Temptation is the first book. Then after that are Surrender and Possession. After that, I don’t know (see below).

Will each book be a stand alone book?

Yes. While there will be parts that carry over from each book (such as the HEA each hero receives in his book), each story will be a stand alone that focuses on one hero and one heroine.

What’s the heat level of the Club X Series?
HOT. 😉 No kidding. Tristan and Nina had some hot scenes, but in comparison, the heat level of this series is much hotter. I still won’t be categorizing this as erotica because there’s way too much story to make it erotica, but it’s definitely erotic romance.

When are the release dates for the books?

Temptation will be released on August 3. Surrender will come out this fall, assuming nothing changes in the way I publish. And Possession will come out in January 2015, with the same assumption governing the release date as Surrender’s.

Who are the main characters of Temptation?

Cassian March, one of the owners of Club X, and Olivia Lucas, his assistant, are the hero and heroine of Temptation.

Will each book be about just the one brother featured?

Yes. For example, while readers will meet and learn about Stefan and Kane in Temptation, the focus is on Cassian. Surrender will be Stefan’s book (Shay is his heroine), and Possession will be Kane’s book (Abbi is his heroine).

So it’s a trilogy?
No. While I’ve made no definite decisions, the Club X series has the real possibility of going past the first three books to a fourth, fifth, and others. As readers will find out in Temptation, the father of the main characters was a very busy man. 😉 Kane is just the first half-brother to come forward, but he’s definitely not the only other child their father helped bring into this world.

When will we get to hear about books after the first three?
If they’re going to happen, I’ll be talking about them probably before Possession’s release.

Why will readers love the men of Club X?
They’re sexy as all hell, tattooed, pierced, and run an exclusive club that caters to fulfilling members’ fantasies. Let’s just say these guys know how to take care of a woman. 😉 Each brother has his own unique style. Cassian is the public face of the club, so he’s the sexy businessman the world sees, even though what’s underneath that suit shows he’s just as wild as his brothers. Stefan is the younger brother who’s a first rate player (and who’s just daring the right woman to bring him down a peg or two). He’s the one who runs the bar and sees life as a party that goes night after night. Kane is their half-brother who’s lived a rougher life than Cassian and Stefan. He’s got a harder edge about him, and he’s the perfect brother to run the fantasy section of the club. As for other brothers (or sisters), time will tell…

OMG! Tell me more!
Here’s a little about each hero to give you something as you wait. BUT, I’ll keep some of the details a secret until each man’s book comes out. 😉

Cassian–28, dark brown hair, stunning blue eyes, 6’2″, lean but muscular, tattoos on both arms and one across his chest, one piercing

Stefan–26, light brown hair, light brown eyes, just over 6′, more muscular than Cassian, sleeves on both arms/tattoo across his stomach, a couple piercings

Kane–28 (3 months younger than Cassian), nearly black hair, same stunning blue eyes as his half-brother, biggest of the three (nearly 6’4″), tattoos on arms, back, and lower abdomen, one very private piercing and a few others easily seen

So readers should expect some really hot stories?
Panty melting, kindle (or Nook) scorching, need to turn on the A/C hot stories but still very much romance.

Have other questions? Ask away! I’ll answer, if I can.


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julie beasley says June 18, 2014

Do they all live together at the club. Was this the same club Tristan took Nina too

    K.M. Scott says June 18, 2014

    Good questions! No, they don’t all live together. Kane lives at the club, but Cassian and Stefan have their own places.

    No, the club Tristan took Nina to was Top. That club was right outside NYC. Club X is in Tampa. However, Tristan was part owner of Club X before he and Nina married. 🙂

    julie beasley says June 18, 2014

    Thank you they look exciting ive put them on Goodreads

seelk says June 18, 2014

Sounds like a series I could get into, looking forward to their release. More book boyfriends YAY

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