#Sexy Surrender (Club X #2) Excerpt

Here’s the first very sexy taste of Stefan and Shay’s story, Surrender (Club X #2). It’s definitely NSFW. 😉 (The graphic is a cleaner version.) Enjoy!

I wanted to kiss him, to plunder that mouth that had infuriated me so many times. He may have wanted me from the moment we met, but my want had been something entirely different. More often than not, the man had enraged me to my very being, yet there I was on his lap, his cock deep inside me as he edged me inch by inch to my release, and I couldn’t imagine any other place on Earth that I’d want to be right then.

He held tight to my hair to keep me looking at him, and for a fleeting moment, I thought I saw something even more in them than the Stefan I’d come to like. In those dark brown eyes focused entirely on me, I saw a look that made me think he was so much more than what I’d believed.

I cradled his face and kissed him, wanting to feel him against every part of me. His lips fed on mine as mine did on his, as eager to taste me as I was to taste him. His tongue with its metal piercing slid over mine, exciting me as the memory of what it felt like gliding over my needy clit danced through my mind.

My body ached—for good and for bad—with every time I slid him inside me. Legs spread as wide as I could to take all of him, my hips hurt but the tender ache inside me overruled any idea of stopping. Each stroke of his cock into me brought me closer to release, but if I was to be truthful, I didn’t want this to end.

Of all the incarnations of Stefan I’d seen, I preferred this one best. For all his cockiness and swagger, he knew how to handle a woman and give her pleasure. I’d doubted that before this, but no more.

Now I just wanted more—more of him, more of the feelings his body created in mine.


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