SILK-A Four Part Erotic Serial Coming In 2015 #comingsoon

Silk Announcement GraphicI’ve been working on something I’ve been calling my “secret project” and now it’s time to announce it. (Ooooh, I’m all giddy about getting to finally tell you what I’ve been up to.) In response to readers wanting more books sooner, I’m happy to announce I’ll be releasing a serial this spring.

Silk is a four part serial I’ll begin releasing on February 19, 2015. Sensual and erotic, it’s the story of Ian and Kristina and their very intense relationship.

Here’s the blurb:

I want her. I crave her. She’s my addiction.
The world knows me as Ian Anwell, New York Times bestselling author, but Kristina makes me want more.
Much more.

I need him. I love him. He’s my obsession.
Everyone thinks they know Kristina Richards, but I’m more than what they see on the screen.
So much more.

I’m his muse, and this is our story.


SILK Volume One:
SILK Volume Two:
SILK Volume Three:
SILK Volume Four:

Here are some more details: Each volume will be just $.99 for the FIRST THREE DAYS OF RELEASE. After that, they’ll go up to $2.99. Therefore, the entire 4 part serial can be yours for less than $4.00 total if you buy each part when it first releases. I want my fans to enjoy this serial for an affordable price.

There is NO box set or compilation planned. I will be announcing release dates for volumes 2, 3, and 4 in the future, but the entire serial will be available by the end of Spring 2015 (so no waiting forever LOL). However, please note: for those readers who prefer to wait until a serial or series is all released to purchase it, there is no benefit to waiting with Silk. I want my fans to get the low price, so the benefit is to grab them as they’re released.

A special thanks to Marisa Shor at Cover Me, Darling for 4 more incredible covers! I love them!

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