Unforgettable And Blood Craving Are Coming This Fall!

Unforgettable Cover Reveal coming soon graphicBlood Craving cover reveal coming soonI’m thrilled to announce that Gage and Jordan’s story, a Heart of Stone spinoff, will begin with the book Unforgettable.

Originally, this book had the title of Hold On My Heart, but when I returned to it (once the characters began telling me the story again!), the title, blurb and cover weren’t a good fit anymore. So now it’s called Unforgettable and it’s going to be released on October 11!

In addition, the fifth book in the Sons of Navarus series, Blood Craving, is also getting a new cover and blurb.  Since I redesigned all the other Sons covers, it only seemed right. 🙂 Blood Craving will be released on November 12!

Look for the cover and blurb reveals for both Unforgettable and Blood Craving on August 17! Want to join in for the double reveal? Just visit the Sign Up page and fill in your details 🙂

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