Unforgettable And Blood Craving Cover And Blurb Reveals

It’s cover and blurb reveal day for Unforgettable (A Heart of Stone Spinoff #1) and Blood Craving (Sons of Navarus #5)! And as a special extra, you can read the first chapter of Blood Craving on the book’s page on my website!

UNFORGETTABLE (A Heart of Stone Spinoff #1)–COMING OCTOBER 11, 2015!

What do you do when the one you love is the one you can’t have?

Gage Varo had accepted being alone for what he’d done. No one else should be hurt because of him. Then one day Jordan showed up and he fell hard for the beautiful blond who made him believe in love again. But his past returned with a vengeance and forced him to make the hardest choice of his life. He never stopped loving her, though, even as he watched her move on without him.

What do you do when the one you love is the one you shouldn’t want?

Jordan Wright thought she found real love with Gage, but it all ended one night with a phone call. Now she’s got a chance to have the life she’s always wanted with a man who can give her everything. All she needs to do is forget about Gage and she can be happy. The problem is she can’t forget the one man who loved her unlike anyone else ever had.

They’ll have to put the past behind them if they ever want to have a future, but the past isn’t going away that easy.

Unforgettable includes characters from the Heart of Stone series.


Blood Craving ebook

BLOOD CRAVING (Sons of Navarus #5)–COMING NOVEMBER 12,  2015!

I am everything you hunger for. I am vampire.

For Sion, his only solace comes from reason and logic. Since becoming vampire in the 1940s, he has shunned feelings, morphing into a being more machine than man. As a Son, he keeps his distance from the others, allowing only one soul in the world to stir his icy heart.

A vampire turned in ancient Greece, Kali is the only hope the Sons and the Order of Macaria have to decipher the prophecy now that Thane is gone. But her past hides a dark secret that has finally caught up with her. Demons she only barely controlled now threaten her very life and the safety of all dear to her.

The one vampire who can help her knows nothing of how to reach another’s heart, but without him, they both may be lost along with any hope the Sons have of defeating the Archons.

Read the entire first chapter of Blood Craving and if you haven’t begun the Sons of Navarus series, now’s the time to get started! Read each book individually or get the Sons of Navarus Box Sets!

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