A New Sons Book Is Coming November 12! #PNR #comingsoon

Blood Craving ebook

It’s been a long wait, but finally the fifth Sons of Navarus novel is coming on November 12 and readers who preorder save $2.00 off the regular price! Blood Craving is Sion and Kali’s story, but it’s also an important part of the overall series story as it moves toward the ultimate showdown between the Sons and their enemies, the Archons. Here’s the blurb:

I am everything you hunger for. I am vampire.

For Sion, his only solace comes from reason and logic. Since becoming vampire in the 1940s, he has shunned feelings, morphing into a being more machine than man. As a Son, he keeps his distance from the others, allowing only one soul in the world to stir his icy heart.

A vampire turned in ancient Greece, Kali is the only hope the Sons and the Order of Macaria have to decipher the prophecy now that Thane is gone. But her past hides a dark secret that has finally caught up with her. Demons she only barely controlled now threaten her very life and the safety of all dear to her.

The one vampire who can help her knows nothing of how to reach another’s heart, but without him, they both may be lost along with any hope the Sons have of defeating the Archons.

So what can readers expect in this book? They’ll see a side to Sion they’ve definitely never seen before. The Ice Man isn’t all logic and reason, and for the first time, we find out what’s hiding behind that cool facade when he gets together with Kali. Readers will also find out about what his contribution to the coming final battle will be (hint: Amazon is testing these interesting machines too!).

Readers will also see what happens to Saint and Solenne. Held prisoner by the Archon Marc Verrater, Solenne has had to fight to stay alive. And the Vasilije and Sasa storyline continues as they both have to deal with her betrayal. Ramiel and Noele from Blood Prophecy (the book right before Blood Craving) now have a child, Theron, and things are getting very interesting with that little guy since he’s every bit the vampire the Prophecy of Idolas predicted he’d be.

Readers who preorder Blood Craving save $2.00 off the regular price, so preorder your copy today! Read the entire first chapter of Blood Craving right on my website to get ready for release day. And if you haven’t begun the Sons of Navarus series yet, now’s the time! All the earlier books are in two box sets and you can save money as you begin the series. Visit the Gabrielle Bisset page on my website and get your copies today!




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