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Destined Ones Duology

A few years ago, I wrote a series of books called the Destined Ones. The first book, Stolen Destiny, was published by a publisher in 2011, but I received the rights back in July 2014. I meant to get a new cover and blurb for that book so it could join the second book, Destiny Redeemed, but 2014 was a very busy year so I didn’t get around to it (hit the NYT twice, hit the USA Today 3x, finished Tristan and Nina’s story in the Heart of Stone and then began the Club X series–I was busy LOL). At the end of 2015, I began reading Stolen Destiny again, thinking I might want to change things in it, but you know what? Even though it was different than anything else I’d ever read or written and I’d stepped WAY out of my comfort zone to write both that book and Destiny Redeemed, I decided I’d leave it like it was and when I could get a new cover for both books, I’d release them together.

Well, I finally was able to get new covers (thanks to Shari at Mad Hat Covers) and new formatting for both books, and now they’re finally available. The storyline involves a race of people called Aeveren who are descended from humans but have been blessed with reincarnation (50 lives to our 1), soul mates destined for them through time, and special abilities (like reading minds, controlling and manipulating time, healing, etc.). But like all my books, the Destined Ones story has suspense and intrigue woven through it, along with steamy romance. 😉

As I was writing Stolen Destiny and dealing with the anti-hero, Amon Kalins, it became apparent that his story needed to be told, so that’s how Destiny Redeemed came about. He’s manipulative, all-too-powerful, and in many ways forever a villain, but there was more to him than just that and as a character, he wasn’t going to take no for an answer (some characters are like that).

I think readers looking for something new will enjoy the Destined Ones Duology. It’s an intriguing idea to consider: being able to live fifty lifetimes instead of just one and having someone destined for you out there who could show up in any one of those lifetimes. Then once they do, imagine the incredible journey of finding them again in the next lifetime, all the while knowing who they had been before and wondering who they’ll be now. For me, that sounds so interesting.

Check out Stolen Destiny and Destiny Redeemed today at the Destined Ones Duology page on my website to find out all about them!

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