The Secret Project Is…Acceptance (Club X #5)!

Time for the official announcement! The secret project is…a brand new Club X book in the Complete Club X Series set! Acceptance (Club X #5) picks up after Satisfaction ends and involves all Club X brothers–Cassian, Stefan, and Kane–in addition to another son of Cassian March III, Sebastian. And for a limited time, the entire set is only .99!


Life after Club X has been good for the three brothers who used to run Tampa’s most exclusive fantasy club. Cassian and Kane run one of the city’s up and coming restaurants, CK, and Stefan has his own successful bar in the old Club X building.

Two marriages, three kids, and three happy couples make up one big happy family.

But there’s another son of Cassian March III out there, another illegitimate child who never knew his father. The three brothers don’t agree that they should find him, and even more importantly, what they don’t know about Sebastian could risk everything they cherish so dearly.

This new book will only be available in the Club X Complete Series Set. It will be on sale for a very LIMITED time at the introductory price of just $.99. The entire Club X series–5 novels–for just $.99!

But it will only be available at that price until July 18. That day, it will disappear from Amazon entirely and the price will increase to $19.99 at the other retailers. So don’t miss out on grabbing this incredible deal if you haven’t read the Club X series yet and if you have, you don’t want to miss this new book in the series. All your favorites are back and the brothers are as sexy as ever in Acceptance!

Preorder yours today and have the Complete Club X Series set with Acceptance (Club X #5) when it releases on July 11!

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Leita Herra-Ott says August 30, 2016

I just stumbled on your books and can I say I love love love them any way to get book 5… you now have a new fan….
headed out to good reads and amazon shortly I have downloaded all the audio book and you have left me hanging

    K.M. Scott says August 31, 2016

    Thanks! I think your message got cut off, though, because I can’t read after halfway through the second line. 🙁

      Leita Herra-Ott says August 31, 2016

      Basically I said you have a new fan for live. and is there anyplace I can get book 5 I have all of the other books on audio? I feel like I am hanging and would love to finish. please tell me all is not lost. I will be sending my review of the other to goodreads and amazon later today. looking forward to hearing from you Leita

        K.M. Scott says September 1, 2016

        Acceptance (Club X #5) will be released individually on September 20th in ebook and paperback. 🙂

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