Blood Eclipse (Sons of Navarus #6) Is Coming On November 29! #preorder #PNR


Have you preordered your copy of Blood Eclipse, the 6th Sons of Navarus book releasing on November 29? It’s Dante’s story, and it’s the second to last book in the series. If you love sexy Alpha heroes, this is the series for you!

I am everything you dream of. I am vampire.

Life is good for Dante. Well, better than for most vampires. While they’re consigned to roaming the earth at night to avoid the rays of the sun that can incinerate them, as a clyten Dante can safely walk in the sunlight. The only clyten in the Sons of Navarus, he’s unique.

And he knows it. Confidence has never been something he’s lacked. With the war against the Archons coming any day now, he’ll need all his cockiness, especially since he’s in charge of bringing the American coven of witches on the Sons’ side and watching over Theron as he rapidly moves toward the time when he’ll be able to join the Sons of Navarus.

Scarlett Adamson knows a thing or two about cockiness herself. A powerful witch, she’s also an accomplished ballerina. Or at least she used to be before the accident. Now she’s mostly just a great witch and leader of the American coven, which she knows is no small feat for a woman in her mid-twenties.

But now her group has chosen to stand behind the Sons of Navarus in their upcoming civil war, and that has brought a certain vampire into her world who has upended all her long held beliefs about the witches’ archenemy. Dante is nothing like the dark creatures of the night she’s always thought vampires were, and after just one night with him, she can’t imagine the world without him in it.

For the Sons of Navarus, time is running out. The war with the Archons can’t be stopped. Will Theron be able to fulfill the Prophecy of Idolas, or will he never get the chance? The fate of the vampire world hangs in the balance.




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