If I Dream Excerpt #4


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Excerpt #4: (NSFW)
Against my lips, she whispered breathlessly, “See? I knew you wouldn’t say no.”

Of all the things rambling around in my brain at that moment, the word no wasn’t among them. How much I wanted to bury my cock inside her and fuck her like she’d never been fucked before quickly became my singular thought. I wanted that like I’d never wanted anything else in my life and none of my excuses overpowered my need for her.

Her hands roamed over my chest and she stared down at wherever they touched, her eyes wide like the feel of me thrilled her. I buried my hand in her hair and pulled her to me to kiss her hard, needing to taste her mouth and the sweetness on her tongue again.

Pulling away, she trailed her fingertips down over my stomach to where a faint line of black hair disappeared beneath my shorts. My body ached with need as I prayed for her to follow that trail. She stopped and looked at me almost as if she wasn’t sure she wanted to go any further. But I did.


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