#MondayMusic From The Corrupted Love Series


#MondayMusic from the Corrupted Love series–All I Want Is You by U2
I love how haunting this song gets as it goes on. It’s romantic and dark at the same time (the strings sound almost painful toward the end). I chose this for the Corrupted Love playlist because both Ryder and Serena see nothing but wanting one another, even when things get dark for them.

Be sure to check out the entire Corrupted Love series playlist. I add new songs as I’m writing, so it will get bigger since there are 3 books in the series. 🙂 If I Dream releases in just 15 days!!

All I Want Is You:  https://youtu.be/gCuUT7b9vWU?list=PLCEfCiHBFNEvBjHlX_LIsEbqabTbb7cgt

Corrupted Love Series Playlist:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCEfCiHBFNEvBjHlX_LIsEbqabTbb7cgt

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