Here’s another excerpt from Hard As Stone coming 2-21!

Only 8 more days until Hard As Stone releases on 2-21! Today I have an excerpt from Hard As Stone from Summer’s POV. Enjoy! ​

My gaze floated over the back of him as he stood ramrod straight in front of me. Like everything else, the dark grey suit he wore looked incredible on his muscular, toned body. His hair looked a little longer in the back and came over the collar of his white dress shirt. I had to resist the urge to run my fingers over his hair to see if it still felt as soft as I remembered it.

Floor after floor passed as we stood there in silence with me perched at the back of the elevator and Ethan hovering near the doors like he couldn’t wait for them to open so he could bolt out away from me. By the twenty-fifth floor, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to say something.

And what came out of my mouth?

“For such a nice building, this elevator sure is slow.”

It really was a wonder why anyone at all spoke to me. God, why didn’t I say something interesting?

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