Set In Stone Excerpt Reveal!

How about an excerpt from Set In Stone today? I love Tressa and Killian's story.  She brings out the humor in him, and he brings out the passion in her that she tries so hard to hide from the world. I had such a great time writing Set In Stone, and I know readers are going to love this story. Preorder your copy today!

Set In Stone Excerpt:

"Call Killian Brenton now!" I demanded and waited impatiently as the piece of electronics did its job.

A few moments later, he appeared on the screen looking as pleasant as always. But I wasn't in the mood for pleasant. In fact, I doubted I'd be anywhere near pleasant in the next week.

"Tressa, I'm so happy to see you."

I held up my hand and shook my head. "Don't speak. I'm not listening. I am, however, furious about the mob of reporters outside my hotel crowding me as I return home from a business trip and asking me questions about the two of us dating. You did this, didn't you? I couldn't have been clearer about how I felt about being in the limelight, and still you told one of them we were dating, which we aren't. Why? Why would you do that? What purpose did it serve?"

He flashed that sexy smile that I couldn't resist, which only frustrated me more. "I guess we haven't done much of what dating entails, but you wouldn't want reporters to be asking if we're fucking, would you?"

"I hate you. Do you know that?"

Killian shook his head and smiled even more broadly. "No, you don't."

"Despise you. That might be more appropriate. Loathe you. Yeah, that feels right. I loathe you for what you've done. Goodbye, Killian."

He leaned forward so his face was all I could see. "Which thing do you loathe me for? I'd like to know just for future reference."

God, the way he looked at me with those green eyes. No. I shouldn't look at him. I needed to focus on my loathing of him.

"I just told you. There are reporters outside my damn hotel bothering me. I can't even leave, for God's sake! I'm trapped here, and it's all because of you telling them we're dating, which I feel the need to repeat, we are not. We. Are. Not."

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