Blood Ascendant

Blood Ascendant| Sons of Navarus #7


The time has finally come… 

I am everything. I am vampire.

Theron has grown into adulthood knowing he is the war machine the Sons will need to defeat their enemy. The most powerful vampire ever, he’s finally ready for what the Prophecy of Idolas foretold all those centuries ago. But is he destined to ascend to power forever alone?

For ages, the Sons and the Archons have known all-out war was inevitable, a fight for the domination of their world. The Archons have nothing less than a god on their side, but the Sons and their allies have something more to fight for, more than just control of the vampire world.

The Sons fight for family, for friends, and for love, but their duty to the vampire world is clear. Stop the Archons. No matter who must die and what they must sacrifice, the Archons must be defeated.