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He’s cocky. Arrogant. Infuriating. The bane of my existence. But his touch makes me burn with need. Every time we come together it’s like a collision of fire and ice—intense, all-consuming, and utterly unstoppable. We’re all wrong for each other… yet so very right.

Tread the fine line between love and hate with 25 steamy new stories that will have you falling for the enemy!

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Matthias and Ava’s story begins in the Falling For The Enemy Charity Anthology and continues in Cruel King, available for preorder now at a special price! Order your copy today and save because the price will increase upon release! 


As the oldest son of Maximilian King, CEO of King Industries, I have nothing but responsibilities. Don’t screw up. Prepare to take over the family business.

Nobody knows how much I’d give up those billions of King dollars to have a life like any of my brothers. But that’s not an option.

Only one person in the world makes me think I can handle what’s being thrust upon me. Too bad I’ve spent nearly every day of my life making Ava think I hate her.

If only she knew why.


Even though I’m the estate manager’s daughter, I’ve always believed the Kings saw me as one of their own. Except Matthias King. Oldest son and set to inherit the family fortune and business, he’s always surly and cruel to me.

Once, I thought I’d gotten a glimpse of the true man behind the hard façade. I was wrong. Now that his father’s dying, he’s back at the estate and more vicious than ever.

There’s just one problem. I can’t stop thinking about the man he was when it was just the two of us.

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